British American Tobacco LATAM

British america Tobacco LATAM

Design, development and production follow-up for exhibition systems for British American Tobacco Latin America.
“Lego” system, named for its versatility and the possibility of multiple configurations. The system allows a central column to multiply the form of display and the direction of the modules by means of a pivot which allows adapting to all types of spaces.
The particularity of this version is the central column that allows to combine different shelves according to the need of the trade. They also allowed to turn around the column to place them in corners or adapt them to different areas.
The product adapts to counter, wall and ceiling.
The “Pixel” system emerges as an evolution of the “Lego” system, in this case we worked on the productive optimization, generating a system that allows multiple configurations with an almost minimal investment.
The side pieces that assemble the chassis / backpack arise from the same injected piece which is connected through an aluminum extrusion that is repeated in the upper and lower part. It was also thought that this extruded piece would allow the product to adapt to different types of display and allow different accessories to be hooked. In this way, a product adaptable to the load of sku’s and environments is achieved.
The product adapts to counter, wall and ceiling.

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